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How to recognise coercive control

Behaviour that humiliates, frightens or disempowers another person

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The Australian Women's Weekly3 min citite
Musical Chairs
Did Mr and Mrs Mozart and Mr and Mrs Beethoven suffer like us? Did they flee their homes screaming in anguish when Wolfgang and Ludwig were learning to play? I blame myself entirely. I said the children had to learn at least one instrument or they we
The Australian Women's Weekly2 min citite
A Road Less Travelled
As we back down our driveway with five children and one dog on the first leg of a long drive north for a summer break, a little voice asks if we’re there yet. Someone complains, from under a surfboard, that they are “all stuffed up back here!” A thir
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Australia’s Best Walks
• Tourism Australia’s website has plenty of inspiration for short and long walks in its ‘Things to do’ section. • Great Walks of Australia runs a dozen multi-day guided walks around the country. Visit • Ausw