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Two Poems
Light delimits the darkness as snowgives shape to the silence of winter trees.Above a rooftop, the shadow of illness hoversindistinguishable from the wraithsof common chimney smoke.Strip skin from flesh, flesh from boneto behold the comical, adumbrat
The American Poetry Review1 min citite
In The Beginning
so little rest. All living things must breathe.Oocyte. Ootid. Ovum.Heifer. Cow. The old milk snakestill shedding her skin to nestthrough cloudy brille in the leaflitter of the melaleuca. The bony oarfish, the shinysea monster washed ashore,her thousa
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Ouroboros Essay
One person who cannot see you is you. We can get an idea from water or gold, depending on the light. So I know myself by approximation. There is a likeness between the curve of the paradisiacal snake and the parabolic arch of the bridge, but placed o