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Taneum Bambrick Vantage

by Taneum Bambrick, winner of the 2019 APR/Honickman, and at other outlets. was chosen by guest judge Sharon Olds.

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Four Poems
Hooknose, Canada Goose, slit-eyed Toucan.Porch monkey, baboon, trash-talking magpie.I cover my head in adoration, just as you doff your hat.Do not rub my head. Don’t even think about it.I bob as I chant, I pray as I breathe. Does that disgust you?I s
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Notes From The Wilderness
A conversation with poet Philip Metres about his new collection Shrapnel Maps (Copper Canyon Press, April 2020) that takes a deep dive into the Israel-Palestine predicament, which, as the poet quotes a friend in saying, “is not complicated like a car
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Lest I Forget Thee
Ignoring the still watersand the kingdom of Babylonsome call AmericaI practice my different strokesin the three river systems of Pennsylvaniaand once in a wool bathing suitat the far end of the Steel Piera city block away from the safe sandand my two