urveyors of some of the finest turbo trainers money can buy, Wahoo has taken things to the next level by unleashing arguably one of the most realistic indoor cycling experiences around. The Kickr Bike is styled like a carbon fibre Tour de France racer and features real road-bike-style gear shifting. It is also ready to roll out

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Bluetooth Speakers
Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestbluetooth £749, kantoaudio.com A stereo pair of attractive, compact bookshelf speakers. The left-hand one contains the connections and DACs and Class D amplifiers, and the right one is a wired slave. £399, sonos.
T31 min cititeComputers
Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestsatnav £290, tomtom.com This state-of-the-art sat nav links with IFTTT, so you can connect to home devices, interact with personal digital assistants, get notifications, and share location and arrival data. £209,
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Multi-room Speakers
Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestmultiroom £1,300, naimaudio.com Mu-So 2 crushes its competition. An awesome, thumping wall of sound and reliable, versatile software platform and streaming support make for the perfect 21st-century music experien