t took nine years for credit-crunch psychological thriller (out now, download) to make it from FrightFest to wider availability. Andy Nyman plays a businessman (out now, download) uses the linking device of a DJ fielding calls from listeners as an excuse to glue together eight pre-existing horror shorts. Unsurprisingly, tone, style and quality level are all over the place. Maybe just watch the best segments on YouTube instead: “Post Mortem Mary” (); “The Disappearance Of Willie Bingham” () and “The Smiling Man” (). Hayao Miyazaki’s take on Diana Wynne Jones’s kids’ book (Blu-ray, out now) sees a girl get turned into an old lady by a jealous witch, move into the titular wizard’s abode, and strike a deal with a fire demon to reverse the curse. We called it “a delightful fantasy adventure”. The new Amazon-exclusive collector’s edition comes with a 200-page Art Of book, poster, art cards, keyring, drawstring bag and, er, drinks coasters.

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