American Farmhouse Style

Get the Look: BRICK

• When it comes to adding interest to the walls of your home office, one of our favorite options is brick. “In the

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American Farmhouse Style1 min cititeComputers
DESK Checklist
1. WHAT WILL YOU USE THE DESK FOR? This may seem simple, but it’s the most important question. Are you someone who works in a creative genre with paints, pencils and paper? Do you need to leave your work out from day to day, or can you have a smaller
American Farmhouse Style1 min cititeChemistry
SAND OR Strip?
Here’s the bottom line: It’s always best to completely remove the old finish by stripping, then sanding. This will allow the new stain to saturate the wood evenly. However, you can get away with just sanding, then staining over the old stain, under t
American Farmhouse Style1 min citite
Desk Quest
The big advantage of working from home? No commute. The big disadvantage? Impractical and uncomfortable work areas with no escape at the end of the workday. With more freelance workers and remote roles, along with the reality of a worldwide pandemic,