Cabernet Sauvignon

The second most widely planted wine grape in the state (after Chardonnay) at 37,200ha. Average price per US ton: $1,553.

Many of the

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Rioja On Two Wheels
La Rioja is a region framed by the undulating lines of the Cantabrian mountains of northern Spain, dotted with ancient hill towns and home to the endless vineyards of nearly 700 wineries. Most of the biggest names in Spanish wine reside in La Rioja,
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Tasting: Pay Attention – Get In The Zone – Eliminate Distractions
Almost everyone I speak to about tasting says this and says it in a different way. It’s simple advice, but worth taking seriously. ‘If you really want to do a wine justice, take a deep breath, get your mind focused then relaxed, and engage the senses
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Tokaji: Liquid Gold
he glorious sweet wines of the Tokaj region are unique, recognised as among the best – if not the best – in the world. Louis XIV of France described Tokaji Aszú as the ‘wine of kings, king of wines’, and the region’s reputation dates back to at least