SPACE Peer Review

strives to feature works of architecture from individual studies in contemporary Korean architecture to the current as feature proposals will undergo the SPACE Peer Review System, in order to uphold a diverse, professional and fair system of judgement. Each month, all submitted works will undergo a blind test by two to three reviewers, who are representatives of the current Korean architecture scene. We cordially request your interest, support, and participation in submitting prospective featured works, in our efforts to secure a varied point of view and a transparent selection process. For submission, the following materials are required: photographs, drawings, outlines of the work, text description, a profile of architect or architectural firm, and contact information. Please check the redundant publication status and send your submission via email to or

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Space8 min citite
The institution of a Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture (KMUA), first explored in the article ‘Is the Establishment of an Architectural Museum Farfetched?’, ▼1 is now at the final design stages as part of an international design competition a
Space2 min citite
Recording And Remembering The Park: ‘Our Park’
How does a park come into being, and how is it managed? What kind of procedures do the parks that we now find throughout our urban spaces, and expect to be present everywhere in Seoul, follow? An exhibition entitled ‘Our Park’ might provide some answ
Space9 min citite
Revisiting The First Space Group Of Korea Building: ‘Our Home – The House Of Space’
Hyon-Sob Kim, an architectural historian and critic, has worked as a professor at the Department of Architecture, Korea University since 2008, following doctoral and postdoctoral researches on European modern architecture at the University of Sheffie