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Advanced Bash Scripting Guide

Go further with shell scripting.

Bash Guide for

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Get Help Now!
We’d love to try and answer any questions you send to, no matter what the level. We’ve all been stuck before, so don’t be shy. However, we’re only human (although many suspect Jonni is a layabout), so it’s important that you
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Welcome To The Picade
Pimoroni’s Picade arcade cabinets have a long history of quality. Coming as a laser-cut, self-assembly kit in eight- or ten-inch screen sizes, Picade is easy to build and can be used with all models of Raspberry Pi, but for best results you’ll want a
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Host Your Own Conference
By default, Jitsu will host all your video chats on its own platform, but it’s equally at home providing you with the tools you need to build your own secure conferencing server, too. There are several compelling reasons to do so (other t