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The last few months of 2020 was mostly dominated by the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, plus the shocking disappointment of Cyberpunk 2077. But quietly in the background, a massive gaming showdown was happening. AMD and Nvidia released their respective powerhouse graphic cards for PC’s and the battle has been fierce. The question on every PC gamer’s lips was which one should we get, team red’s RX 6900 XT or team red’s RTX 3090? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as one would think as both cards offer their own unique pros and cons. So let’s break down each

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Screen Time The Most Binge-worthy Series
A reboot of the classic80’s crime series sees Queen Latifah stepping into the titular role, the part played by Edward Woodward in the original series, and Denzel Washington in a pair of gritty action movies directed by Antoine Fuqua. Robyn McCall, an
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MORE Miss Jen Cruz COLE
Welcome Jen, looking good, as always. Growing up, did you always know you’d be such an amazing creator and model or did you have other dreams in mind, something like being an astronaut or winning a Nobel Peace Prize? Amazing creator, I love that. Tha
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A Company Man
How was it transitioning from military to being a CEO of a large company after 13 years of active duty as a Navy SEAL? I’d love to say we are a large company, but we are still very much a small business, but we are making a large impact. The transiti