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CEOs spurn Trump and his allies: How big a blow?

The stunning Capitol riot has engendered its own remarkable reaction: Corporate America is voicing anger about the violence and the Republican “stolen election” rhetoric that accompanied it.

From pointed statements to voiding contracts to pausing political contributions, corporations and other entities have made their positions known in ways that would have seemed unthinkable two weeks ago. The immediate damage to President Donald Trump’s reputation is evident as staunch business allies like Deutsche Bank pull away from him and social media companies “deplatform” him by suspending his accounts. 

Corporations may be reflecting public opinion as much as leading it. A new Pew Research Center poll finds Mr. Trump is leaving the White House with the lowest job approval of his presidency (29%) and that 68% of Americans do not want him to remain a political figure after leaving office. 

Still, the

Lost megaphoneBacklash as a fundraising tool?

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