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The state of feminism

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Keeping The Faith
THE HYMNS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAVE BEEN THE SOUNDTRACK to Joe Biden’s life. He attends Mass on Sundays and holy days, and before major events. In Oval Office meetings, Biden sometimes pulls from his pocket a string of rosary beads that belonged to
Time Magazine International Edition5 min cititeDiscrimination & Race Relations
My Adoption Didn’t Make Me Less Korean
FOR THE PAST YEAR, AND ESPECIALLY SINCE THE devastating Atlanta-area murders on March 16, many of my Asian American friends have been sharing deeply personal, painful stories of talking with their parents and elders, pleading with them to take care,
Time Magazine International Edition3 min cititePsychology
The Psychology Of Influence
ONE OF EVOLUTION’S CLEVEREST tricks was giving us a sense of shame. It’s a miserable feeling—low, humbling, publicly discomfiting—but it’s supposed to be: if you do something lousy you ought to feel something lousy, so you don’t do it again. In theor