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Q I’m diabetic, should I be doing daily finger blood testing?

A In the UK, the NHS only prescribes testing meters and strips to patients on

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Woman's Weekly1 min citite
‘My Funny Old Week’
WHERE I’VE BEEN The local park with a farmers’ market on Sundays. WHAT I’VE SEEN My TV gets switched on at 6pm and stays on until I get woken by my own snores. Netflix, I love you. WHO I’VE MET The dry-cleaner, who transformed my muddy old coat int
Woman's Weekly1 min cititeArchitecture
Seedlings grown on a cosy windowsill can easily be shocked when planted outdoors. So get them used to windy, wet and cool conditions by ‘hardening off’. Put them outside, in a sheltered place, for a few hours each day, gradually increasing the length
Woman's Weekly1 min citite
Letter Of The Week
At the start of lockdown last year, I couldn’t work and had time on my hands. I decided to get my paintbrushes out and begin painting pictures. At first I did some sketches outside and then I decided to have a go using acrylic paints. I hadn’t used t