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Did You Know?
Psychics have solved crimes before. In 1987, 42-year-old nurse Elizabeth Cornish was found beaten to death in her New York apartment. Her boyfriend was the main suspect but when her sister approached medium Nancy Weber, Weber was convinced the killer
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Out Of My TREE
My alarm clock was ringing, and the alarm on my phone was buzzing loudly. I couldn’t be bothered to turn them off. Instead, I just buried my head deeper under the duvet. What was there to get up for anyway? I was 47 and single, had been out of work f
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Deadly Attack
I could feel the entity trying to take me, but I wouldn’t let it. Every time I started to fall asleep, my heart would skip beats – it felt like it stopped – until I woke myself up. There was no other medical help on the plane so I just gathered all o