BBC Sky at Night


StarFest Dark Skies Festival

Cranborne Chase, 15-20 February

The International Dark Sky Reserve hosts a mix of online and (subject to restrictions at the time) live

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Creating Cosmic Vistas
This artist’s illustration was created for a European Southern Observatory press release by ESO visualisation experts Martin Kornmesser and Luís Calçada. It depicts a rain of molten iron falling from the sky on the extrasolar planet WASP-76b. “The pl
BBC Sky at Night1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
This Month’s Contributors
Astronomy journalist “2021 will bring Venus as an ‘Evening Star’ and a perfectly timed Perseid meteor shower, but it’s the partial solar eclipse on 10 June that most excites me!” Jamie looks at 2021 ‘s stargazing highlights, page 28 Science journalis
BBC Sky at Night1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
The Night Sky – February
1 February at 00:00 UT 15 February at 23:00 UT 28 February at 22:00 UT On other dates, stars will be in slightly different positions because of Earth’s orbital motion. Stars that cross the sky will set in the west four minutes earlier each night. 1.