Cowboys & Indians

Vaquero Legacies & Diverse Descendants

whole range of traditions and cultures. That’s the photogenic point of a new exhibition of roughly 50 photographs at Booth Western Art Museum. Showcasing the many variations on the cowboy theme, it traces the legacy of the first cowboys through many expressions of the Western tradition, highlighting Mexican charros, Indian relay races and rodeos, Hawaiian , as well as Black

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Cowboys & Indians3 min citite
In The Bunkhouse With Red Steagall
When he was a youngster they’d take him to schoolAnd he’d wait till his folks drove away.He’d go out to some ranch and hire out breakin’ coltsFor beans and a dry place to stay. Then when he got older, he rode saddle broncs,Beat ’em all from Fort Wort
Cowboys & Indians1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
I feel photography needs to breathe when presented. You want to enjoy the art, so reduce any distractions. I like big walls and natural sky light. I like big white borders when showing as well. See Anderson’s work on page 48. When it comes to collect
Cowboys & Indians2 min citite
Home Is Where The Stuff Is
LET’S FACE IT: OUR WORLDS AND PRIORITIES are different from what they were this time last year, and our personal spaces have never mattered more. That’s one of the reasons why we’re introducing a new Home and Ranch section, expanding our “shelter” co