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hat’s your favourite app? Apple keeps snapping up mine. First it was the song identification service Shazam, and then the intuitive weather forecaster Dark Sky. If that trend

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£1549 / The Fuji X-T4 might be the high-end mirrorless camera of your dreams. Relatively affordable for a flagship, it excels at stills and video thanks to in-body image stabilisation, high-speed shooting and 4K recording at up to 60fps.
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Captain America’s best mates – the one who flies and the one with a metal arm – get their own spin-off series on Disney+. We don’t know a huge amount about the plot yet, other than that it involves the two erstwhile Avengers butting up against Daniel
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Microsoft Fright Stimulator
We’re surprised Microsoft didn’t launch its latest gaming headset alongside the new Xboxes at the end of last year; but if it does indeed turn out to be ‘the future of gaming’, it’ll be worth the short wait. Designed to be used with those new console