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Titleist TSi3 (10° loft), fitted with a Project X

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Rahm’s Consistency Secret
His consistency can be directly attributed to his ability to maintain his spine angle – first established at address – throughout each swing he makes. Lose your spine angle and you can only guess where your shot is going to finish up. The most common
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Small Changes Big Improvements
Getting better at golf can be a daunting prospect. Lessons, new gear, hours on the range … it all adds up, both in terms of money and time. However, there is another way to improve. The marginal gains theory is all about making small, incremental im
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The Coast Golf Club little Bay • New South Wales
Returning to a course you have seen many times before, and witnessed minor and major changes to, is always an interesting and often exciting experience. The Coast Golf Club is a course I hadn’t visited for a number of years and certainly falls into b