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Covering science at the moment brings mixed emotions. The daily influx of papers dealing with medical, mental, logistical and political issues around COVID-19 weighs heavy, but

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Animal Magnetism Is Very Real
A study by Richard Harris and Bryan Fry of the University of Queensland has found that snakes may have evolved to resist their own venom by “repelling” the venom’s molecules. While all snake venom contains toxins, only some are neurotoxins. “A nerve
Cosmos Magazine1 min cititeBiology
Form And Function
The “train tracks” shown are lipid membranes. The top layer represents the target cell membrane, and the bottom layer represents the virus with spike in pre-fusion form, at A. Because SARS-CoV-2 has a lipid membrane, it requires a protein spike to fu
Cosmos Magazine1 min cititeBiology
Creating Nanobots Like They Do In Movies
Fans of the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War will know the scene where Tony Stark taps a panel on his chest to release a billion tiny robots, which rapidly assemble into an Iron Man suit around him. Tony Stark did something real-world scientists are