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s the other ‘specialist’ service in the group, Primephonic is optimised for classical music fans, offering content, curated material and, crucially, search facilities designed to make accessing the genre easier. Primephonic does a better job of understanding the differences between the piece of music, person or group performing it and conductor, which makes locating a specific version of a well-known piece easier here

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This Woman’s Work
When Boris Johnson was asked to name five women who had most influenced his life, neither Margaret Thatcher nor the monarch whose government he leads featured. However, sandwiched between Boudicca, warrior queen of the ancient Britons, and his grandm
Hi-Fi Choice3 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
Pandemic Possibilities
History has shown us that there can be positive outcomes as a result of mankind having to overcome dreadful situations. The Second Work War was certainly the catalyst for some great technical innovations in the field of electronics. For example, dama
Hi-Fi Choice2 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
Caig DeoxIT Gold G5 contact cleaner
THERE ARE ALL sorts of hi-fi accessories that can be filed under ‘snake oil’, but this is not one of them. I’ve been a regular user of Caig DeoxIT ever since a specialist I use to restore classic hi-fi suggested it. Other such products are available