Watercolor Artist

A Soothing Reality

NEW YORK PAINTER ALISA loves what she calls “vintage patina.” As someone with sewing skills (she has made half of her wardrobe), Shea was drawn to the collection of antique spools of thread she spied at a local flea market. Although it took awhile, the discovery eventually inspired her prizewinning painting, (opposite). “The reference photos sat on my phone for years before I gained enough courage to use them,” she says. “I found the spools super-intimidating, but with each successive painting, my confidence has grown and eventually I decided to take the plunge.” Confessing that she’s obsessed with intricate detail, Shea adds that she enjoys the calm that comes from painting photorealistically. “I’m compelled to create art because the process serves as a soothing mental balm,” she says.

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