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ental homes can be tricky to make your own, but Amara’s feed is full of creative ways to add colour and pattern to any property without

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‘When should I choose bi-fold doors over sliding doors?’ ‘Both bi-fold and sliding doors are fantastic for maximising the amount of natural light in a home and seamlessly linking inside and out,’ says Victoria Brocklesby, co-founder and COO of Origi
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Material Matters
PLYWOOD is quickly becoming one of our favourite types of kitchen, thanks to its simple and effortless utilitarian design and goes-with-anything look. A plywood kitchen can make your space feel completely personalised – and Hannah and Joe’s home is a
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Intu has released a touchless kitchen tap. With an infrared sensor, a mere wave of your hand turns the tap on and off, so germs festering on your handle can be a thing of the past. Vision IR two in one spray touchless tap, £199 Patterned shower pane