Watercolor Artist

How did a change in surface or tool—or an outside influence—change your art or process in a meaningful way?

Laurin McCracken

For many years, I used very small brushes—Nos. 00, 0 and 1—to paint details. Then, Ricard Escoda showed me that if you use good kolinsky brushes, the points on the larger brushes—Nos. 2, 4 and 6—can

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Meet the Artist
Jian Wu (jwstudio.net) studied sculpture and mural art at the Central Art and Crafts College of China (now the Art College of Qing Hua University). Early in his career, he created sculptural and copper reliefs commissioned by five-star hotels in Chin
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What’s Online
Take a look at the beautiful (and numerous) artistic styles of Henri Matisse. artistsnetwork.com/go/matisse-styles Jaimie Cordero shares some of her secrets, tools and materials for applying color and capturing watercolor texture. artistsnetwork.com
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The Artist’s Toolkit
• Paper: 300-lb. rough or cold-pressed watercolor paper. Young particularly likes the brighter white of Winsor & Newton. • Paints: The artist uses primarily MaimeriBlu, Winsor & Newton and M. Graham watercolors, as well as a few Holbein colors. On hi