Watercolor Artist

Birgit O’Connor

In the past, when painting florals, my approach was to paint the subject shape by shape, section by section. When I started to teach workshops, I noticed

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Watercolor Artist2 min cititeVisual Arts
Francis Marte
What was your inspiration for the painting? I gravitate to scenes of high contrast, with an interplay of light and shadows and a display of various textures. This simple and relatable scene on the kitchen counter offered all of that. I also wanted a
Watercolor Artist1 min citite
Two-Value Notan Studies
The bold colors and interesting shapes attracted me to this closeup of old rusted machinery at a gold mine. This riot of color and shapes made it difficult to find a good composition. Using a two-value notan study allowed me to focus on the lower are
Watercolor Artist1 min citite
Three-Value Notan Studies
These three notan studies of the photo reference for Rafting the Colorado (below) all have pleasing design elements individually. A simple cruciform composition with the intersection next to the raft in the lower right is enhanced with interesting di