Watercolor Artist

On the Surface

In 2000, Margolis became a Workspace Program Resident at Dieu Donné, a nonprofit, based

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• 300-lb. cold-pressed Fabriano paper • A variety of mostly transparent rice papers • Spectra Artist tissue • Linco acid-free tissue • Steven Quiller watercolors • Daniel Smith watercolors • Black and white gesso • Golden acrylic matte medium (This n
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THE Trees of Life
Downstairs from Tom Young’s home-based painting studio is the other place where the artist spends significant time: his “bonsai room.” There he keeps about 20 of the potted ornamental trees, the largest being no taller than 2 feet. “I move back and f
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A World of Watercolor in One Town
What if you could visit a place where thousands of watercolor enthusiasts are gathered, where artists are sketching on nearly every street corner, and all the buildings in town prominently display works in watercolor from around the world? The way to