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After studying psychology in college, she pursued a graduate degree in neuropsychology, but soon realized that the field was not for her. It was too limiting. She didn’t commit to a career in art, however, until the end of her 30s. As she puts it, “Going into art late meant no expectations.” That insouciance allowed her to do what she loved, even when it might, by some standards, seem a little unusual.

“My mind goes in chaotic directions,” Margolis says, mentioning two early innovative bodies of work, one using encaustic and paint on X-rays of embryos, the other consisting of sculptures of skin patches. “No one liked them,” she admits with a laugh; nevertheless, she continued to let her ideas roam. She describes her artistic development as an evolution that reaches back to her youngest years.

As a child,, in which he mentions that just by observing the stains on walls or the ashes of a fire, the artist is stimulated to new discoveries. Here was evidence that someone else—one of the greatest of the Old Masters, no less—liked to create from the miasma and minutia of experience. Eventually, she would find that imagination alone was not good enough, but that would be just one part of the slow construction of creative and intellectual components forming her compositional style.

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