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Rhiannon Batten wrote ‘Shelf Life’

Rhiannon is a freelance writer, with a degree in archaeology and anthropology, and a focus on travel,

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Design Guide
Utility rooms can combine several purposes. Traditionally they have been used for laundry; mainly washing, drying, ironing and airing clothes and linens. But they can also be used to house many workaday items, helping to keep the main kitchen clutter
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Rare Miniature Dinner Service Makes £37,800
It may be tiny, but one of the highlights of the recent Thomas Goode: Preparing for the Next 200 Years auction at Sotheby’s attracted substantial bids when it went up for sale in January. The miniature porcelain dinner service was commissioned in 192
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Ask an Expert
Please could you ask one of your experts for their opinion on this object? It is roughly 29cm tall and is very heavy. It is intricately carved on what looks like it could be ivory (but is probably some sort of synthetic look-alike) and is mounted on