Making hydrogen fuel

Discover how to turn water into green power.

Renewable energy

Electricity is generated by renewable energy sources – such as solar or wind – to power the electrolyser, needed to strip hydrogen from water molecules.


When an electric current is passed through the positive anode it attracts the negatively charged oxygen ions, while the negative cathode attracts the positively charged hydrogen ion, pulling them apart.


Two oppositely charged electrodes, called an anode and cathode, are suspended in water.

Green energy

When burned as a fuel source in vehicles or energy production, green hydrogen does not have harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide.


Hydrogen escapes the water in the electrolysis as gas, and is collected in storage tanks.


Hydrogen gas can be stored in pressurised tanks or cooled to become a liquid.


Scientists are continuously looking for alternative fuel sources to decarbonise the Earth. As the climate crisis grows ever more prevalent, the need to find fossil fuel alternatives has never been greater. Green hydrogen is a renewable fuel resource that will be making waves in 2021. This type of fuel can be created by breaking off hydrogen atoms that are bound to oxygen atoms in water molecules using electricity supplied by other renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power. The harvested hydrogen can be used as a fuel source for energy production and vehicles without creating damaging pollutants or carbon dioxide.

The production of hydrogen fuel is gaining momentum in countries around the world. For example, in Glasgow, Scotland, there are plans to begin construction of a 51-acre commercial hydrogen-production hub next year. It’s estimated that the plant will initially produce 800,000 kilograms of hydrogen each year. Other countries such as Australia, the US and China are also exploring the potential of hydrogen

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