Review: Korg opsix


Digital synthesizer

6 operators

FM, RingMod, FilterFM, WaveFolder

37 keys

32 voices

Polyphonic sequencer

Filter model

3 effect instances


Manufacturer: Korg


Purchase: Specialty Trade

Price: 779 Euro

▲ Direct access to 6 OPs

▲ Color visualization

▲ Different synthesis per OP

▲ Filter emulations

▲ Polyphonic sequencer

▲ Good-sounding effects

▼ Rickety Keyboard w/o Aftertouch

▼ No macro controls


Yamaha RefaceDX/MODX6

from 320 Euro

Elektron Digitone

from 699 Euro

ASM Hydrasynth

from 899 Euro

When Yamaha introduced the DX7, the first affordable FM synthesizer, almost 40 years ago, it was a revelation for many musicians. Because the sound generation based on frequency modulation enabled pianos and other natural instruments in previously unknown levels of naturalness. And the DX7 also set new standards in terms of transparency, clarity and dynamics, making it the best-selling synthesizer of all time. Interestingly, however, only a few other manufacturers jumped on the successful bandwagon. Korg launched their own FM synthesizers, the DS8 and 707, a few years after the DX7, but they couldn‘t match the success of the DX7. Therefore, Korg concentrated more on the new category of workstations that was created with the M1.

Revival of FM synthesis

In recent years, however, a

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