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Big Sur lacks its own tool to control mobile data

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Apple News Roundup
Apple loves control, but in iOS 14.5 it is relinquishing some by allowing users to set their own default music app. This means you will be able to set Spotify or Tidal as your app of choice, for example. This change works with Siri, too. Asking Siri
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The iPad is the perfect platform for creating digital art. Not so long ago touch-based design interfaces were prohibitively expensive, but now anyone with an iPad – and one of the very affordable apps on the market – can dive into the world of design
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Meet The Team
Operations Editor Jo’s got a bit keen on creating iPad art this issue, and we’re getting repeated invites to view her online gallery. (We’d say she’s more of a words person.) Art Editor Paul’s favourite Mac will always be the Power Mac G5 – its metal