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FIRST PLACE Patricia Prescott Sueme

An unusually slow, contemplative day helped California-based artist Patricia Prescott Sueme ( conjure what would become Shallow Wishes (opposite). “I was wandering The Huntington Gardens with a few other artists, and we had the place all to ourselves,” she says. “I must have watched the light play on these fish for at least an hour. The sunlight catching the coins in the shallow part of the pond was so mesmerizing. I couldn’t help wondering who tossed those coins in there and what they had wished for.”

It was later in her studio, combing through hundreds of reference photos of the surrounding landscape, that she decided to focus on painting the fish, wildlife being a subject she hadn’t often considered. “The grace and the curves of their fins and the amazing bronze palette that could be pulled from that pond,” she says, was an

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Jury Duty
The work of jurying is, to be sure, a job of evaluation. When viewing a work, a juror will consider the artist’s handling of color, value and composition, and assess how well an artist utilized the medium, the level of draftsmanship and the painting’
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Paint What You Love
I’ve long believed that artists won’t do much painting if their subject matter doesn’t resonate. My inspiration often comes from my interest in the colors that are barely perceivable in the dark and how they play against the vibrancy of color in ligh