Artist's Drawing and Inspiration


Eating fish and chips on the beach was the best way to gather resource photos for this painting. Seagulls appear from seemingly nowhere once the strong whiff of this traditional beach picnic is in the air. I took a lot of photographs of seagulls then made sketches to familiarise myself with the “seagullness” of the bird. The idea for this painting was the result of playing around with one image of a seagull which has starred in a number of my works. I like the idea of change it, change it again then do the unexpected. Explore, experiment

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min citite
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Try to draw every day, this will keep your eye accustomed to the negative spaces and the accuracy of the finished drawing. • When painting with pastel, I have found it best it best to start at the top left-hand corner and work outwards to the right
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration5 min citite
For The Thrill Of It All
For as long as I can remember no surface has been safe from my creative endeavours: walls, furniture, tiles, fences all fell victim to my artistic fervour. Not that I limited myself to two dimensional masterpieces, whether it be clay from a nearby cu
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 min citite
Loving My Life
I was born in Penrith, NSW, and moved to Queensland in 1991 when I was about four years old with my parents and two siblings. From a young age, I can remember being creative – making toys out of cardboard, writing and illustrating short stories to be