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arla Italiano? You will after these classes taught by Indy Italian. Cristiana Thielmann leads     

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Pilot Program
THE COUNTRYSIDE surrounding West Lafayette has changed since the 1930s, but the view from the air still frames neatly gridded farm fields and the gentle curve of the Wabash River. Amelia Earhart logged plenty of hours over that landscape in her twin-
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Pasta La Vista
Q: WHEN DID THE INTERTWINED INTERSTATES DOWNTOWN STOP BEING CALLED “THE SPAGHETTI BOWL”? A: The Hoosierist wasn’t aware that this pasta-centric pejorative had fallen out of favor. For the record, the city calls this confusing confluence of traffic la
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Bubble Ball
WHY THE BUBBLE? In case you haven’t noticed—and judging by the number of masks we see, many haven’t—we’re still in a pandemic. Through January 29, more than 160 NCAA Division I games had been canceled or postponed due to COVID outbreaks or concerns.