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“Learning How Each One Operates Is Vital”
These days it takes a lot for a roguelike to stand out, so it was a pleasant surprise for me this month to be so wowed by Curse of the Dead Gods (see our review on p82). The punchy combat, grim atmosphere, and meaningful decision-making sucked me in
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This Month’s Villainous Reviewers…
Specialist in Maniacal laughter Currently playing Evil Genius 2 This month Threatened to blow up the Moon if we didn’t let him review Evil Genius 2. Specialist in Letting games play themselves Currently playing Loop Hero This month Discovered t
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Flow Rider
If I told you it took me several races in Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4 until I stopped getting lapped by the very easy mode AI, would you laugh? I know, I know. I have considered getting gud. If you’ll spare me too much mocker