HOW TO Check your clone

1 Mac and PC together

ake sure both your PC and Mac are connected

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The Mac Mini Shakes Up The Apple Product Line
THE MAC MINI has undergone something of transformation since its launch in January 2005 at the MacWorld Conference and Expo with a PowerPC G4 processor. Two models, a 1.25GHz or 1.42GHz version, were originally available, both with ATI Radeon 9200 gr
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Fitter, Happier, Stronger
Getting smart about getting fit is all about doing the right things at the right time. Even if you’re free of specific movement restrictions and curfews, the way we go about our daily business likely isn’t changing for a while. So now would appear to
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News In Brief
HOMEPOD DISCONTINUED Apple has discontinued the HomePod, although it’s not clear why. The smart speaker — which sounds stunning but cost a hefty $349 at launch, later cut to a still–uncompetitive $299 — recently gained support for Dolby Atmos sound a