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Fantasy fulfilled

‘I have always loved to write stories,’ writes subscriber Jane Shand.

‘It was mainly for my own enjoyment, but in the back of my mind was the thought that it would be wonderful to one in 2016 that I made the decision to take it seriously.

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Night Coffee is a brand new biannual zine seeking subs of poetry, art, and ephemera, but not fiction. They ‘like weird stuff, dream logic, feeling feelings, thoughtful use of form’. Submit 3-5 original unpublished poems in one doc, docx, or pdf docum
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I’ve only ever written the short stuff. Articles, features and short stories can be completed reasonably quickly and I always told myself that with my spinal problems and butterfly attitude (flitting from one thing to another) I’d never manage anythi
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Star Letter
I recognised myself as a fellow ‘reluctant reader’ (Letters, WM May), facing the same difficulties, taking much longer than anyone else at school to read. My dyslexia diagnosis at university didn’t improve my reading speed, but did provide an explana