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Keep it clean

ashing hands is something that we constantly remind our children to do – and with good reason. Cold and flu germs are fairly tenacious and can survive on surfaces for up to eight hours. Any door handle, light switch, countertop, bathroom tap, handrail or remote control you touch could be contaminated. Washing your hands with soap and water – and not touching your mouth or face before washing your hands, could be the difference between illness and good health. If your spouse or colleague is

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Q I WOKE UP, AND MY BED WAS ALL WET. HOW DO I KNOW IF IT IS DISCHARGE OR SWEAT? A Vaginal discharge usually has a distinctive odour and will be slightly more ”mucousy” than sweat. Also, it would be more profuse between your legs. If your bed is wet
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8 Ways To Get Closer
1 HAVE A BABYMOON. Make your baby your top priority. Switch off your phone, and forget about housework and chores that can be done later. 2 KANGAROO CARE. Put your baby on your naked chest, so she can experience skin-to-skin contact. This will stimu
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Why Is My Baby Losing Weight?
Newborns can lose up to 10 percent of body weight in the first three days after birth. Although this would be drastic for an adult, taking into account the circumstances of the newborn, it’s considered normal. When this happens, don’t panic and – imp