Cycling Plus


The Pace is very light at 36g, thanks to its slimline design, and the face measures 42mm


Cheaper, lighter and more productive? Enter the Pace sequel…

Coros gained traction in the world of sports watches, thanks to eclipsing its rivals on battery

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10 Ways To Smash A Sportive
Is there an ideal pacing template for a sportive? ‘Even pacing’ would initially seem the most effcient. There are no spikes in power to drain your glycogen reserves or burn your muscles. The problem is, in reality it’s the hardest pacing strategy to
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THE BIG PICTURE Maybe it was his return to the team with the Midas touch, Deceuninck Quick-Step, or that he was back riding his favourite Specialized bikes, or that he’s returning to his best form following the Epstein-Barr virus that sabotaged his h
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How Cycling Changed My Life…
“Five years ago, after having had my eighth knee operation, I was told by my surgeon to stop running. When I asked him, ‘For how long?’ my surgeon’s answer was, ‘Permanently.’ I really felt at that moment that my sporting life was completely doomed a