HOW TO Do more with Messages


inning a conversation displays that particular conversation at the top of the list of messages. Navigate to the conversation you want to pin in the list,control-click on it and choose

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Pure Ray-tracing Performance?
How far are we away from doing pure ray tracing in a game? Theoretically, it could be done right now, but how would it perform? The best estimate we have of how a pure RT rendering solution would perform comes from 3DMark, with its DirectX Ray Tracin
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Microsoft MSX architecture
This month’s computer is a little different. Rather than being a single system, MSX was actually a Microsoft specification for eight-bit microcomputers. Countless brands produced their own MSX machines, which dominated Eastern markets. The MSX era is
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Over on Rockstar’s official GTA forums, fans have been discussing the topic of future DLC. The topic was started in November 2020 but it’s still enjoying a healthy discourse to this day, and, more recently in January, one member who is listed as Mach