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What does your ideal morning look like? An energising workout or calming yoga flow followed by a healthy breakfast that sets you up for the day? Or perhaps you like to meditate, reflect on the week ahead and set your intentions? The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, but creating a morning routine is a great opportunity to mitigate some of the effects it’s had on our mental health and wellbeing, as it gives us a sense of control.

‘I’ve always been a fan of morning routines but they’re even more important in the Covid era,’ says Dr Rangan Chatterjee, GP and host of the podcast (). ‘When I have my morning routine I’m calmer throughout the day, and I’m a better husband, a better dad and a better doctor.’

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Christine is a performance nutritionist, chef, author and keen runner. She runs online programmes and works with athletes.christinebailey.co.uk Lucy is an ex-national gymnast and qualified PT. She is also a nutritionist and life coach who loves noth