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An evolving epidemic

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I had little time to get my head around the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to manage the potentially fatal disease before I experienced complications and learnt very quickly the harsh reality of being a diabetic.

Soon after my diagnosis, I developed a foot infection and to

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Tyranny Of Choice
If my GP called me now and told me he had a spare Covid-19 vaccine, you wouldn’t be able to slide a bus ticket between “I have a spare vaccine” and “I’ll be there in five minutes”. Others might be more cautious, picky or even “vaccine elitist”. How c
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Who at TVNZ 1 failed to note the insensitivity of having ad breaks during They Shall Not Grow Old on April 26? The colorised version of the historical black and white films from World War I ensured we could identify and empathise with the young men e
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The Cow Loves Robots
The video begins with dawn breaking over rows and rows of white-roofed greenhouses. They stretch as far as the camera can see. Music swells. Then, the voice-over: “Vegetable cultivation is becoming increasingly important,” a sensible man with a Briti