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An evolving epidemic

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I had little time to get my head around the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to manage the potentially fatal disease before I experienced complications and learnt very quickly the harsh reality of being a diabetic.

Soon after my diagnosis, I developed a foot infection and to

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The Government will quickly rue its announcement of an Auckland harbour crossing for cyclists and walkers as being highly socially divisive – without moving the dial on emissions. Within hours of its announcement, New Zealanders the length of the cou
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The number of smokers is increasing worldwide, and in 2019, smoking caused 7.7 million deaths, the latest data published in the Lancet shows. Globally, one in five young men and one in 20 young women smoke, with nine out of 10 current smokers startin
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As he prepares to play the lead in Bertolt Brecht’s epic drama The Life of Galileo, Michael Hurst has been slipping into the Auckland Theatre Company’s (ATC) rehearsal rooms just before dawn each day to rev himself up and “get all the juices going”.