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with the continuing graphics card drought has to be good news. Mining cryptocurrencies using GPUs hasn’t helped. It can be highly profitable, and well-funded mining operations tend to

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Big Business Vs. Linux
Being the root of evil and all, whenever money is involved, things can turn nasty. So, when the big players in the enterprise and business markets began to see Linux distros as a threat, lawyers were called. A series of leaked Microsoft memos from Au
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Tech Triumphs and Tragedies
Microsoft is to bring the Xbox’s Auto HDR feature to Win 10—about 1,000 games will feel the benefit of deeper, richer colors. The crowdfunded Aya-Neo is here. It follows Nintendo’s lead, and has a 7-inch screen with AMD silicon—but costs $689. Smart
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Rocket Lake Lands
IT FEELS as though we’ve been waiting an age for this. Intel has finally released a desktop CPU with a new microarchitecture: Rocket Lake. It carries a Cypress Cove core, a derivation of Sunny Cove, which was first unveiled in 2018. Originally destin