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News Flash Fitness trackers can help boost activity

A fitness tracker or app can help increase

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All about SKIN
Pai Skincare The Light Fantastic, £44, paiskincare.com One for skin that’s easily irked, this fragrance-free oil absorbs into skin quickly with no greasy residue. Alongside ceramides and antioxidants, it uses a natural muscle relaxant to reduce skin
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What you’re WEARING
Tell us about your look I love colour – the bolder and brighter, the better! I usually pair bright colours with black to tone them down, but this time I decided to colourblock with hot pink and red. This outfit is from Coast. I’m wearing wide-leg tro
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True Or False?
Aspirin was developed as far back as the ancient Egyptians True. The word ‘aspirin’ comes from ‘Spiraea’ – plants that contain natural sources of the drug’s key ingredient, salicylic acid. The ancient Egyptians used willow bark, which contains sali