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Briony, Mum, Holly


Briony OK, Dad’s dead, right? I’ve started this group to ease communication over the coming weeks. It’s not gonna be easy what with covid and us being in lockdown. It’s going to be hard until after the funeral. We need a plan.

Mum Your Dad always said… You can beat an egg and you can beat a dog but you can’t beat a plan. Oh my god that’s set me off, sorry.

Holly Don’t apologise, Mum, you’re bound to be upset.

Bri! You CANNOT call the group Dadsdeadtemporarygroup.

Briony Why not, it’s not like he’s not dead, is it?

Holly He’s not TEMPORARY dead, though is he? It all feels pretty damn permanent to me.

Briony I don’t know how to change the name, it’ll do as a working title.

Anyway, due to Corona this is not going to be an easy gig. I’m not even sure I know what Dad would have wanted. Any clues

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