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Re-writing required

ole to Pole Publishing is an American small-press publisher of science fiction, fantasy and horror. The editorial team is seeking short, re-print fiction for the anthology to be published in late 2021. This is a rare chance for republishing a successfully published story and getting paid for it. The team wants dark science fiction stories related to the military and war. is about military science fiction stories, but only stories which have already been published. The team seek well written stories ‘with engaging characters, thrilling action, rational plot lines, a compelling writing style, and meaningful themes’. The team prefer hard science fiction, but writers may ‘bend the laws of physics for the sake of the story, but please don’t break them completely’. Give them stories, ‘That are dark in tone, but not strictly horror tales. Give us fear, death, and the disturbing side of your characters’ natures.’ Read the ‘Don’t Wants’ at the website before submitting. Authors must possess the right to offer the story for submission.

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