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Make your own laptop

While many modern laptops are becoming ever more difficult to open up to fix or upgrade components

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Take The Cockpit Tour
The Dashboard view is redundant in Cockpit (it’s been removed from later versions). Instead, click View graphs under Usage. Click each of these categories to access information – and configurable options – about various parts of your system. Click
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Building Code For Microcontrollers
This month we take a look at CircuitPython, a programming language designed to simplify experimenting with low-cost boards. On a fresh install of Raspberry Pi OS we need to open a terminal and run a few commands to ensure our system is up to date and
Linux Format1 min cititeComputers
New Android Bluetooth stack
Google has been using the Rust programming language for Android’s new Bluetooth stack (code-name Gabeldorsche, see in a bid to improve security. The company has been busy adding Rust support to its mobile operating s