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Is Wayland ready for prime time?

For years the Wayland display server protocol has looked like it would become a mainstream alternative to the X Window System. Yet a prime-time release always seemed one year away… Recent moves by some big industry names

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Tiny Country, Tiny Domain
The kingdom of Lesotho is an enclaved country within the border of South Africa. Domain registration is open to everyone, but is handled by local registrars, making it slightly less accessible to the average Joe Webuser looking for bargains with a mo
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The vast repository of add-ons available for Firefox and Chrome/Chromium helps explain their popularity. Brave and Slimjet are both based on Chromium and support most of the extensions available for it. In fact, both the browsers directs you to the C
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Quick Tip
The Commodore PET has a “quirky” keyboard and it’s sometimes tricky to find the right key. If you need a little help then there’s a virtual keyboard. Press F12 and scroll down to the Virtual Keyboard option. Next, press Enter to open the keyboard, se