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A striking technique is to desaturate the background to an object in a scene, the end result being a black

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Model And Render Objects In Blender
Michael Reed is going to show you how to make a lovely cuppa… in Blender. We’re going to make a tea mug using Blender, taking inspiration from a real-world object. First, we’ll take some basic measurements from the object. Then, we’ll model the two
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Your Data Is Yours
“It’s nice to let someone else take over occasionally. For example, you might want to hand over database management to a service provider to free up capacity and focus on key business initiatives. Managed databases are increasingly popular – in our l
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Inky Impression
Electronic paper (ePaper) is still remarkable despite being with us for well over a decade. These displays are still dominated by monochrome models, but there are some coloured screens available – notably the Inky Phat boards that can display three c