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At the risk of overextending an already slightly dubious metaphor, Kubernetes (k8s) is fast becoming the operating system of the cloud. But how did we get to this point? And how do complicated projects migrate to it?

We were lucky enough to chat to Patrick McFadin, VP of developer relations at Datastax and K8ssandra (an open source, cloud-native distribution of Apache Cassandra) developer. As far as projects go, they don’t come much more complicated than the Cassandra database, it powers everything from Facebook to Netflix to the New York Times.

In the past, deploying Cassandra required an expensive team of eggheads and some equally expensive infrastructure. Now, thanks to Astra – Datastax’s managed Cassandra offering – anyone can have a go. There’s even a free tier for those looking to get started. But as we’ll hear, the evolution continues and K8ssandra is at the cutting edge of it. Leveraging the power and ubiquity of Kubernetes, and using knowledge from Astra, it makes it possible for organisations to run Cassandra how and where they like. Be it in the cloud, on premises, or in some sort of hybrid arrangement.

Using K8ssandra as a case study, we’ll discover why Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for cloud native computing, and why Cassandra

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