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Over the past year, like everyone reading this, I’ve done a lot of imagining. I have imagined the places I’ll visit and the friends I’ll hug and share laughter and meals with. When I think about these things happening perhaps even in late summer, I feel an ineffable happiness, a sense of palpable joy and a rush of renewed hope. When I close my eyes, I imagine the future and can almost feel I am there. When conceptualising the spring/summer 2021 range for The Rake Tailored Garments, I imagined the clothes I would want to wear this summer as I reconnected with the world. I wanted them to be pure, elemental, authentic and essential. I wanted them to reflect the casualisation we have experienced but, at the same time, signal a reignited excitement over perfect cut and fit. I wanted our tailoring to be perfect for a walk on the beach with the pants rolled to your calves and your feet in the sand. I wanted our tailoring to make you always feel at ease but elegant, understated but empowered. I wanted you to always feel like the coolest guy in the room.

Learning from our incredible collaboration with Lorenzo Cifonelli x Loro Piana (see page 70), this time our team didn’t start with design. Instead we focused on how

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